About Be Flavor

The trademark

"Be Flavor" stands for high-quality E-Liquids. After carefully analyzing the market and raw materials, American raw materials were strictly selected according to strict selection criteria. This guarantees the same high quality of the "Be Flavor" premium and first-class E-Liquids. Vapor communities confirm a unique enjoyment experience as well as the unmistakable "Be Flavor" aroma.

TPD2 Compliant

In May 2016, pan-European regulations for e-cigarettes and e-liquids were transposed into national law. E-cigarettes and E-Liquids have since then been equated with tobacco products. "Be Flavor" products are always in compliance with all TPD2 quality requirements and regulations.

Service and performance

Based on many years of experience in manufacturing and international distribution, "Be Flavor" is your ideal trading partner. By filling the American raw materials in the European Union, "Be Flavor" as a manufacturer is able to produce at significantly more favorable conditions. This advantage is, of course, passed on to all sales partners.